LOGAN – A Nelsonville police officer was present in Hocking County Municipal Court Wednesday morning on an initial appearance on a third-degree felony charge of tampering with evidence levied against him.

Joshua Braglin, 35, of Glouster, addressed the court and brought attention to the fact that he allegedly wasn’t served with his charge, but first heard of the charges through the media. He then waived his rights of service, and proceeded with the hearing.

Braglin was placed on paid administrative leave in January from the Nelsonville Police Department after authorities were called to an incident in Murray City involving him and his girlfriend, Sheena Bauer, 24, of Murray City.

Braglin was allegedly intoxicated when deputies arrived at the scene, and allegedly had a firearm in his possession, but allegedly hid it before officers arrived.

Hocking County Sheriff Chief Deputy Dave Valkinburg said he believes the weapon involved was Braglin’s service revolver.

Braglin was released on a $10,000 recognizance bond Wednesday, is not allowed to engage in any criminal activity and cannot move from his present residence without first notifying the court. As municipal court does not handle felony cases, Braglin did not offer a plea to the felony charge.

In the absence of Hocking County Municipal Court Judge Fred Moses, local attorney William Henderson acted as judge during Wednesday’s arraignment and said, “Mr. Braglin, I just want to remind you if you do not show up for your preliminary hearing you will owe the State of Ohio $10,000. Do you understand that?”

If found guilty, he could face three years in prison and pay a $7,500 fine. He also told the court he’s in the process of hiring an attorney.

While waiting in the hallway of the courthouse for his paperwork, Braglin was brought back inside the courtroom for a second time for an additional stipulation to his bond.

“Mr. Braglin, you were brought back in here because I need to add another stipulation to your bond,” Henderson said. “You are to possess or consume no alcohol or drugs during this time. Do you understand this is part of your bond?”

When questioned why Braglin was brought back into court, Henderson stated that it’s normal procedure along with the other stipulations to place the no alcohol and no drugs on the bond.

However, when asked if it had anything to do with the odor of alcohol in the courtroom while Braglin was being arraigned, Henderson said that although he heard there was an odor of, he did not smell it and it was not the purpose of the additional stipulation.

Bauer, who was also allegedly involved in the incident, allegedly fled from the scene of the incident before authorities arrived. According to the sheriff’s office’s report, both parties had allegedly been consuming alcohol throughout the day of the incident.

Bauer also was arraigned in Hocking County Municipal Court on Wednesday morning. She is charged with one misdemeanor count of obstructing official business and one fifth-degree felony of obstructing justice.

She is represented by attorney Scott Wood, but appeared in court with a representative from Wood’s firm, Alyssa Parrott.

A plea of innocence was entered on the misdemeanor charge, which is punishable by six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. She was released on a $1,000 recognizance bond in addition to a $5,000 recognizance bond on the felony allegation.

Bauer cannot move from her present address without notifying the court, cannot possess or use alcohol or drugs and is not allowed to engage in any criminal activity, according to the stipulations of the bond.

Bauer could face one year in prison and a $2,500 fine if found guilty of the felony charge.

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