From the Dec. 9, 1979 edition of the Sunday Athens Messenger:

- 1980 was looking to be a “boom” year, as several construction plans totaling $15 million dollars were announced in Athens County. Projects included the addition of a nursing home to The Plains, a few restaurants, additions to Beacon and City schools and various OU building additions.

- The Richland Area Vol. Fire Department celebrated its 25th anniversary by inaugurating a new piece of equipment: a 1979 model fire rescue truck.

- In sports, Athens lost its game to Wavery, 45-43. David Mathews scored 12 points for the Bulldogs.

- In ads, Carpenter Hardware (now CVS Pharmacy) sold West Bend Quick Drip coffee machines for $25.95 to $39.99.

From the Dec. 10, 1989 edition of the Sunday Athens Messenger:

- Then Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste was expected to visit Trimble High School to discuss education reform. Recent legislation changed certain operations in Athens City Schools: for example, area schools began open enrollment and concurrent enrollment.

- Amesville Elementary students created care packages filled with treats to ship off to 150 paratroopers in the U.S. Army, all of whom were expected to spend their Christmas in Vincenza, Italy.

- In sports, Ohio University defeated Marshall, 72-63. Dave Jamerson led the Bobcats with 33 points.

- In ads, Wilson’s Studio and Camera Shop (now Pita Pit and Fluff Bakery) sold a Nikon One Touch 100 for $139.99.

From the Dec. 5, 1999 edition of the Sunday Athens Messenger:

- After being accused of “snubbing” an education inequity rally held by Jorl Laufman’s Alexander High School honors history class, Congressman Ted Strickland paid a visit to the school to answer any questions students had in regards to his role as congressman. Strickland explained he was in Washington during the rally, and his representative was sick and unable to attend the rally on his behalf.

- Vern Castle, a veteran of the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, announced his candidacy for sheriff. He hoped to have the chance to compete against incumbent David Redecker.

- In sports, the Bulldogs won their season opener against Chillicothe. Wade Martin led Athens with 25 points, which included several three-pointers.

- In ads, the Railroad Club of Southeastern Ohio and the University Mall announced they would host the 1999 Christmas Rail Fair on Dec. 11 and 12.

From the Dec. 6, 2009 edition of the Sunday Athens Messenger:

- “We Care” and Athens County Children’s Services created “apartment starter kits” for teens in foster care who were about to start new chapters in their lives. The kits included laundry baskets, detergent, dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, bath and kitchen towels, a broom, pillows and other household items.

- In ads, Flying Dog in Nelsonville offered a steak burger with homemade chips (or fries) and a drink for $6.99.

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