Fair Food

The fair always has plenty of food options to choose from.

It’s Athens County Fair Week! Last year, we ranked our favorite fair foods ... well, we like fair food so much, we’re ranking it again.

It’s Athens County Fair week! So, of course, our minds go straight to the food. This week we’re ranking our favorite fair foods:

Intern Julie Ciotola

1. Funnel cake

2. Corn dog

3. Deep fried Oreos

4. Cotton candy

5. Shaved ice

Intern George Shillcock

1. Walking taco

2. Funnel cake

3. Mac and cheese bites

4. Cheesesteaks

5. Deep fried Oreos

Intern Delaney Murray

1. Any type of fried potatoes

2. Soft serve ice cream

3. Fried pickles

4. Elephant ears

5. Popcorn

Staff Journalist Sydney Dawes:

1. Funnel cake

2. French fries (preferably in the bucket)

3. Blooming onion

4. Corn dog

5. Giant turkey leg

Staff Journalist Heather Willard

1. Lemonade Shake-ups

2. Funnel Cakes

3. Churros

4. Soft pretzels

5. Fried Cookie Dough

Editor Tyler Buchanan

1. Kettle corn

2. Blooming onion

3. French fries

4. Soft pretzel (with creme cheese)

5. Funnel cake

Page Designer Andy Hudnall

1. Big T

2. Bucket fries

3. Mozzarella on a stick

4. Corn dog

5. Funnel cake

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