There’s a festival for everything — even the pawpaw.

It seems there is a community festival for just about every food and drink you can think of. The recent pawpaw extravaganza at Lake Snowden has us thinking of what our favorite possible festivals could be. (Some, we’ll note, do actually exist.)

What would be your dream festival?

Messenger Editor Tyler Buchanan

1. Coffee Festival

2. Skittles Festival

3. Popcorn Festival

4. Ginger Ale Festival

5. Strawberry Festival

Staff journalist Heather Willard

1. Cat Festival

2. Photography Festival

3. Cheese Festival

4. Chocolate Festival

5. Underrated Cryptids Festival

Staff journalist Sydney Dawes

1. Puppy Festival

2. Iced Coffee Festival

3. Succulent Plant Festival

4. French Fry Festival

5. Bagel Festival

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