The Bard celebrates his birthday on Friday. William Shakespeare was born 455 years ago on April 26, 1564.

We could rank our favorite Shakespeare works, sure, but it’s more fun to consider the many words that ‘Ol Will supposedly invented in his plays. Thanks to a few online lists (including a helpful article from the website Mental Floss), we’re ranking our favorite Shakespeare-invented words:

Editor Tyler Buchanan

1. Puking

2. Swagger

3. New-fangled

4. Ladybird

5. Eyeball

General reporter Heather Willard

1. Arch-villain

2. Multitudinous

3. Uncomfortable

4. Inaudible

5. Pageantry

Staff journalist Sydney Dawes

1. Bedazzled

2. Scuffle

3. Assassination

4. Zany

5. Savagery

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