The village of Amesville recently hosted its first-ever Alonzo Weed festival honoring the town’s most infamous mayor (from 1903). Here are some of our suggestions of Southeast Ohio natives/residents who deserve their own festivals:

Messenger Editor Tyler Buchanan

1. Branch Rickey (Portsmouth area)

2. Jorma Kaukonen (Meigs County)

3. Bevo Francis (Rio Grande)

4. Maya Lin (Athens)

5. Dow Finsterwald (Athens)

Staff reporter Heather Willard

1. Maya Lin (Athens)

2. Ambrose Bierce (Meigs County)

3. Connie Smith (Marietta)

4. William Dean Howells (Martins Ferry, Belmont County)

5. John Brough (Marietta)

Staff reporter Sydney Dawes

1. Maude Collins (Vinton County)

2. Maya Lin (Athens)

3. Gerry Frye (Vinton County)

4. Lucy Webb Hayes (Chillicothe)

5. Permelia Atwood (Rio Grande)

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