Tomorrow is International Mountain Day — niche, to be sure, but mountains need advocates as well. Mountaintop removal has harmed many mountain ranges in the U.S., including many parts of West Virginia. Today, we are ranking mountains or mountain ranges we want to visit some day. Let’s make it a future where that will be possible.

Interim Editor Heather Willard

1. Kayford Mountain

2. Pikes Peak

3. Grand Teton

4. Mount Saint Elias

5. Hoher Dachstein

Staff journalist Sydney Dawes

1. Tian Shan

2. Monte Cusna

3. Western Romanian Carpathians

4. Mount Elbert

5. Mount Kailash

Graphics editor Andy Hudnall

1. Andes Mountains (get it?)

2. Mount Fuji

3. Mount Logan

4. Jotunheimen

5. Cerro Torre

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