Fifty years ago this week, three astronauts left earth and landed on the moon. Those intrepid explorers were the first of humanity to step onto the moon, and faced many challenges before, during and after their journey. However, their actions and achievements have been celebrated across the world. To help with the celebration, we are ranking our favorite Apollo Program facts.

Staff journalist Heather Willard

1. The crew of Apollo 7 won an Emmy Award.

2. Apollo 17 left an aluminum sculpture on the moon.

3. Buzz Aldrin was the first man to urinate on the moon.

4. Astronaut Harrison Schmitt had an allergic reaction to moon dust.

5. Neil Armstrong was able to land the Eagle Lunar Module with only 30 seconds of fuel left.

Editor Tyler Buchanan

1. Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon.

2. Aldrin took communion on the moon.

3. The three astronauts remained in quarantine for three weeks after returning to earth.

4. The Apollo program required the skills of approximately 400,000 engineers, technicians and scientists.

5. Up to 650 million people watched Armstrong’s “one small step.”

Staff journalist Sydney Dawes

1. The launch of Apollo 4 was one of the loudest man-made noises ever.

2. John F. Kennedy suggested the idea of a joint U.S.-Soviet moon mission.

3. Buzz Aldrin filled out an expense report after returning from his trip to the moon. The travel voucher he filed totaled $33.31.

4. Aldrin and Armstrong spent 21 hours on the moon.

5. Neil Armstrong almost died before Apollo 11 launched, as he had a near-fatal crash while in a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle.

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