Monopoly is a fun game, but a horrible phenomenon. Whenever there is only one power in control, disaster results.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some people dream of one world government. That is so foolish it’s hard to even contemplate. Human life is inevitably diverse — it cannot be uniform with one philosophy, or totally harmonious.

We are in a period of history emphasizing diversity in political structures, insisting on division and separation of each nation from other countries. That can make for good competition but also nasty antagonism. But it divides political and military power, and that is good.

Capitalism is defended as a system in which competition provides better products at lower prices. It is notorious, however, for creating big companies that stifle alternative enterprises and counteract the diversity upon which it is theoretically based. Companies can be too big.

Philosophical ideologies and religions usually assume that they have the one set of truths about the world and human life. None of them convinces everyone and that is good. They spawn variations and antagonisms which can be vicious or as healthy as other diversities.

In all these cases, the bigger the institution the worse for human nature. We must have differences and variety because we are not the same and do not think the same. We cannot be just one big family, but we can be good neighbors. Separate households can agree on fences, polite behavior and communal safety despite their differences and separation.

Brexits and other exits might be better than superficial uniformity or intolerant domination. We must keep companies from colluding and merging to eliminate competition. Many religions and many denominations in religious traditions are to be expected. Duplication of efforts can be inefficient, but pride in one’s own nation, product and tradition is worth the extra cost — as long as it does not try to eliminate the others.

The trick is having rival organizations compete fairly and respect each other. Sadly, humans tend to hate alternatives and resent their success. So the inevitable diversity of human lives spells major potential for warfare. At least let’s try to have verbal rather than lethal battles.

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