You are going to die. You know that, but you probably do not like to think about it or do anything to prepare for it. We all think our lives will go on without decline, illness, and death. Not very smart, is it!

As a child I said a prayer at bedtime that included the words “if I should die before I wake” and that reminded me even then that I was mortal. I have been lucky to live fairly well for many decades but I still know that human life eventually ends.

One thing that seems silly from this perspective is the fight against very serious illness waged after eight or more decades of life. In trying to avert the inevitable doctors and their elderly patients inflict and endure torturous remedies at much expense. Are a few years of painful resistance a good way to die?

The latest virus threat seems to be nature’s way of nudging us all toward expiration. We need to make room on earth for coming generations. Hospice is a wonderful addition to the medical world, relieving it of too much effort to sustain life.

Suicide and euthanasia are not necessary in many cases if one’s body is left to takes its course. Even these sad remedies might be needed to counteract the equally artificial continuation of painful life at all cost.

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