“Eugenics” is, in my opinion, the dirtiest word in the English language.

It deserves bleeping more than sex words. Like them, it names a common human desire that should be good but turns ugly. It’s nice to want good genes, meaning fine children and society. But it ends up meaning my kind of people to the degradation of all others. That’s dirty.

It’s also older and more common in America than I wish it was. It names a pseudo-scientific theory about racial superiority. Our government has been rejecting immigrants for a century and a half with justification that those people are inferior human beings.

Chinese coolies were forbidden because they were stupid by birth. Of course that is contradicted by thousands of years of cultural and scientific creativity (fireworks, etc.) and current success.

Just because Europeans colonized a lot of the world in the last millennium, that does not make them superior. Instead it displays that they are as nasty and immoral as anyone else. And it was not always the northern Europeans that invaded those “inferior” countries, but the Spanish, Italians, and Portuguese that were thought by some Americans also to be below English and Baltic background.

In return for eugenic arguments for whites as the culmination of human development, I propose that northern Europeans and Americans are the bottom of humanity. We are the ones who have destroyed the climate with our carelessness, filled the oceans with plastic trash, and killed people wholesale with our guns and bombs.

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