Editor's Note: William Morosko is an 8th grade student at Athens Middle School with an aptitude in writing movie and music review. He has also directed and written short films that have appeared on Athens Community TV. The Messenger has agreed to publish occasional reviews from William as a new blog series.

Movie: Captain Marvel (2019)

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Action/Superhero

Run time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

“Captain Marvel” works. There really isn’t much to say here, it is just another Marvel movie with the same Marvel formula, but is that good? The answer is yes.

This movie puts the Marvel formula in good use, like most of all the other ones, too. It is very entertaining (like all other Marvel movies). Brie Larson’s and Samuel Jackson’s performances work. The movie is funny, and the story is good enough to make another enjoyable Marvel movie.

Overall, this movie is good entertainment for almost everyone, and I’m sure a lot of audiences will like this.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

William's rating: 8/10.

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