Editor’s Note: William Morosko is an 8th grade student at Athens Middle School with an aptitude in writing movie and music review. He has also directed and written short films that have appeared on Athens Community TV. The Messenger has agreed to publish occasional reviews from William as a new blog series. You can find other reviews from William on The Messenger’s website. This film, Dogman, was shown at the Athens International Film and Video Festival.

Movie: Dogman (2019)

Genre: Crime drama, thriller

Run time: 2 hours

“Dogman” is one of the most bizarre films I’ve seen in recent times. After watching this, I knew right then and there that this isn’t a movie for everyone, based on its violent and drug-related content.

The movie is about Marcello, a pint-sized drug dealer/dog groomer who is often manipulated by a guy almost twice his size named Simoncino. The movie is set in what looks to be a rundown town in Italy.

Storywise, this movie was smart and the emotion was well-executed. The lead actor, Marcello Fonte, gave a gripping performance also. I also want to point this out — it seemed like every time there was a violent moment in the movie, the director decided to throw in comedic moments of Marcello grooming random dogs; it felt like it lightened up the moment.

Even though I thought the story was smart, I didn’t really find this movie entertaining, especially at the end where the main character breathes for two minutes straight (no spoilers!). But this is a drama, and emotional value is the strongest aspect of it.

Overall, “Dogman” is a movie with a smart script, great acting, and good cinematography, it was just boring, is all.

Do I recommend it?

To critics I do, because they will find this to be a good drama, but unfortunately I don’t recommend it to your average audience member because of its content and how disturbing it may be at times.

William’s Rating: 6/10

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