Editor’s Note: William Morosko is a 9th grade student at Athens High School with an aptitude in writing movie and music review. He has also directed and written short films that have appeared on Athens Community TV. The Messenger has agreed to publish occasional reviews from William as a new blog series. You can find other reviews from William on The Messenger’s website.

Movie: Hobbs & Shaw

Genre: Action

Rating: PG-13

Run time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

“Hobbs & Shaw” is just your typical high budget action movie, and of course it works. In this movie, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw are forced to work together to get this man-made virus out of Shaw’s sister’s system before these cyborg people get it first.

This movie has some entertaining action sequences and great cinematography. This movie seems to throw in some sort of a message at the end, which kind of surprised me, and it kind of works to be honest.

There are some flaws here and there; for example, there are some parts where I got confused and felt kind of rushed. Let’s not forget there always has to be these “oh yeah, right” moments, where characters do impossible things — which is to be expected.

Overall, this movie works as just a great piece of entertainment, with a script that has many flaws but that’s good enough to please a lot of people, and with action sequences that are fabulously stupid and impossible but you can’t just get enough of.

Do I recommend it?

I would recommend it to everyone. Audiences will forget the flaws present in this movie, and critics will look deeper, but still it’s entertaining.

William’s Rating: 8/10

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