Editor’s Note: William Morosko is a 9th grade student at Athens High School with an aptitude in writing movie and music review. He has also directed and written short films that have appeared on Athens Community TV. The Messenger has agreed to publish occasional reviews from William as a new blog series. You can find other reviews from William on The Messenger’s website.

Movie: In Fabric

Genre: Horror

Rating: R

Run time: 2 hours, 1 minute

“In Fabric” is the biggest disappointment of 2019.

This is one of many A24 horror films that have been released this year, and some of which have been pretty good. So, this one I have been anticipating since the day the trailer popped in my YouTube recommendations, and after watching the film, it took my excitement and ripped it into a million pieces.

This film is predictable, repetitive, and for the most part, boring. Story wise, this film goes nowhere. The film has a weird plot structure, with there being two sets of a few characters each half of the film, and the killer red dress passes between the two sets of characters.

See, the red dress gets passed from the first set of characters to the second set, and the last half-hour of the film, I eventually noticed that the same things that were happening in the build-up of the first plot, were happening in the second plot too, and eventually, the second set of characters had the same thing happen to them as the people from the first set did.

That is my main problem with the film, why would anyone want to watch the same thing happen a second time, except with different characters? The climax basically happens at the one-hour mark, and wasn’t even that crazy about the first-half either.

Other than that, the acting was OK, but I thought it was kind of soulless. The cinematography and directing is exceptional, but other than that, there isn’t really much to like here. Overall, the film has exceptional cinematography and okay acting, and has an interesting premise, but that’s about the only compelling thing about it. The film has a plot structure that was doomed the minute the writer thought it was cool to make it like that, and it makes the film make you want to go to sleep.

Do I recommend it? No.

William’s Rating: 2/10

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