Many of us do not like living near people we think are stupid or hateful. Some of us would like those people to go to another city, state, or country. We enjoy talking with neighbors and friends who agree with us and do not argue with us too much. Even if they have somewhat different opinions, strategies, and principles, we want them to find ours OK.

What a nice world it would be if like-minded people all lived in the same places, not connected in any way with unlikeable others. But that is not possible, so how should we deal with it? Even in families there are black sheep and nearly every country has diversity. We could give up and just settle for living in a hell of hate, or try to eliminate those horrible people from our environment.

If they are the wrong kind of people in our view and criticize what we know to be right, we can condemn them, imprison them, or throw them out of our cities. “Love it or leave it” really means “Love us or leave us.”

By contrast, I recommend that we get used to living with childish, crude, ignorant, emotional, intolerant, nasty and dirty people. We cannot make them as intelligent, graceful and well-intentioned as we are. That’s the way human life has always been and is likely to continue to be.

It’s not so bad if we find a way to declare a truce and avoid provoking antagonism. Keeping one’s distance is OK, but polite interaction is better. We might even get to know them and find them less repulsive.

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