Prohibiting drugs that people want is treating those people like children. Like clever children, however, they will get what they want, one way or another. Demand creates a market, in this case black, and makes money for providers without regulation. Why didn’t Americans learn from the prohibition era a century ago?

Cocaine and heroin are more dangerous than alcohol, I guess, but that does not make them unattractive, even if they are illegal. The example of opioids as dangerous drugs is illuminating. They got out of hand without being illegal and therefore did not create mafias. It should be possible to deal with other drugs the way opioids are handled, with warnings, antidotes, and treatment, plus regulations on distributors.

Border walls can never stop entrepreneurs who see customers willing to pay a lot for things they can provide. Street dealers get caught but they are only clerks in these drugstores. Like their wealthier suppliers they are providing a service for money but suffer for it more often.

Instead of trying to keep products away from customers it should be cheaper to treat them when they use or misuse what they buy. The product out in the open can be tested and made a little less dangerous.

Addiction is a disease not a crime. Feeding addictions is capitalism and does not have to be a crime. The war on drugs should focus on helping addict-customers. Focusing on stopping the supply just makes suppliers rich criminals.

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