I admire women — they endure so much that men do not. Pregnancy has to be uncomfortable with changes in body function and appearance. Then comes childbirth, described once as being like pushing a grand piano through a transom.

Please forgive me for being thankful that I was born male, free of these physical accompaniments of feminine identity. For me it is certainly good manners to defer to women and assume that they deserve special respect and consideration.

Although other issues are involved and regrettable complications ensue, I find it difficult to contemplate what it is like to have one’s body ruled by civil law. I would hate it if a growth in my body could not legally be removed for many months. It would feel like a torturous prison sentence, unless it was my choice.

I wish that male legislators would have more sensitivity to the difference between men and women. It seems odd to me that women can support laws that force other women to go through pregnancies against their will.

Most fetuses can become human babies, but not all. And no baby deserves an unwelcome family. As so often in human society, the rich can arrange things to their liking but poor people get trapped. So I feel sympathy for the women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Respect to those who bear this burden with grace.

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