Easter is sometimes associated with Christianity. But the name and the celebration are much wider. It’s a celebration of new life. Eggs, rabbits, and flowers are about fertility. Resurrection fits in as a kind of new life too. This is a nice coincidence of ideas and nature.

Commercial interests love this kind of thing. You can sell a lot of stuff to many people with different takes on the holiday. Here’s another occasion to send cards, buy flowers, plant seeds, and feast with special foods. New hats used to be a part of that, not so much now. Can they invent another association to capitalize upon?

The problem is that the date changes every year. It’s based on multiple calculations of new moons and equinoxes. And different countries and traditions also choose different dates in the same year. What a fiasco for planning, stocking goods and advertising.

Maybe that’s just as well, since many of us get sick enough of the other big multi-purpose holiday: Christmas. Can you imagine a shopping season as long as the one for Xmas? That begins before Thanksgiving and is tiresome before the 25th. New Year’s Eve and Day are a celebration of ending the fuss and a season of buying. One starts the new year with no gift expectations until mid-February.

So let’s enjoy a low-key festival of reproduction and renewal. Smell the flowers and enjoy new leaves. Sneeze a bit, put winter clothes away, and get out the shorts. Color and hide a few eggs. That won’t cost much.

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