Are other towns full of deer the way Athens is? They wander around the city as if they own it, foraging wherever they like. I have seen them hold up traffic as they saunter along the street. They seem to have no fear of humans.

Do they sense that they are safe here? Steep hillsides offer them cover and passageways all over town. Some gardens offer flowers and foliage they enjoy eating. For this foraging alone they should be restricted. Car damage as they cross our highways is immense. Can we get rid of them?

But a lot of people think they are beautiful. Certainly they look better than rats or opossums. They do not stink like skunks or raid rubbish bins like raccoons. I prefer them to groundhogs and feral cats. Geese are graceful but there are too many in our waterways. At least squirrels and chipmunks are fun.

I hear that coyotes and bobcats are coming back — some bigger predators could help keep deer populations in check. Few people want more snakes. Meanwhile we only have sports hunters and they are insufficient for the job.

We live in a menagerie without fences.

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