From the June 21, 1877 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Meigs County farmers reported that “the fly” was causing a great deal of damage to that year’s wheat crop, in some cases almost completely destroying it.

- In regional news, Chas Hammer, of Perry County, accidentally shot himself in the left side while hunting. He was deemed “not dangerous.”

- In ads, the Athens Water Wheel and Machine Co. was selling “all kinds of Plow points and handles, Road scrapers, etc., etc.” The store noted that there were 75,000 shingles “for sale Cheap.”

From the June 21, 1920 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- The Grayson Manufacturing Company, Athens’ newest manufacturing industry at the time, was experiencing delays in shipping. The main issue was the lack of ability to ship brick for the kiln, preventing the company from reaching full capacity.

- In society news, the Athens State Hospital was noted as being the only state institution of Ohio which was able to “supply its entire population with fresh strawberries this year, and it is the first time such a thing has happened in the history of the state.” About 30 bushels of berries had been served thus far in the season. “The patients themselves pick the berries,” the paper stated.

- In advertising, Hutchinson Honest and Stickney Shoes of Athens were selling “white shoes at less than cost.” The ladies shoes were priced from $2.45—$5.

From the June 21, 1940 edition of the Athens Messenger:

- Although the front page was full of world news, including a headline of “French receive peace terms from Hitler,” the day’s local news was much tamer. Arnold Field in Nelsonville opened its pool, welcoming over 450 swimmers on its highest single attendance day at the time.

- The body of a Canaanville child was recovered from the Hocking River that week, identified as six-year-old Lawrence Devore. Three other Canaanville boys found the body, including Lawrence’s half-brother. The Sheriff’s Office had set off several charges in the river earlier in the day in an attempt to locate the boy.

- In advertising, Rollercade’s Modern Soda Foundation was available for curb service. The store was located “on Route 50 S., near the airport.”

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