Big Mines near Glouster Closed

This article published in the evening edition of the Athens Daily Messenger on Thursday, July 29, 1915, details how orders were sent to close down two large mines in the Glouster area — Mine 266, which had been in operation for only a few weeks employing 500 workers; and Mine 254, in Jacksonville, which employed 300 workers. The mines later reopened.

From the Feb. 15, 1925 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- A New Marshfield boy was severely injured after he jumped from a B&O freight train that was on its way to Athens. Reportedly, two of his friends also jumped from the train successfully; the injured boy, though, lost his right leg.

- Two mine workers in Glouster were nearly caught under a fall of coal at the No. 266 mine in Hollister. Both were injured from loose falling coal, but they reportedly stepped away in time to escape being crushed by the coal fall.

- In sports, Athens High School beat Portsmouth 23-18. The Messenger reported the game was a “thriller” and the best Athens “had shown so far.”

From the Feb. 16, 1930 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- The Cleveland Co-Operative Stove Company bought Ray-Glo Corporated in Athens for $85,200. Factory equipment from that facility was to be transferred elsewhere. The manufacturing of local products was to continue at that location under the guidance of new owners.

- The Messenger ran possibly its first dating ad. Floyd McKibben, 50, a mine operator from Mineral, was seeking a wife. “Messenger want ads are often assigned queer tasks,” said an editor’s note. McKibben provided details in the ad about his home and abundance of farmland.

- In ads, Whaley Dental Room in Pomeroy offered teeth extractions for 25 cents a piece. “A new anesthetic enables us to extract teeth with very little discomfort,” the ad said.

From the Feb. 13, 1935 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- In national news: Amelia Earhart Putnam “completed a daring trans-Pacific airplane flight” where she flew from Honolulu in Hawaii to Oakland Airport in California. This journey spanned more than 2,000 miles. Her first words when getting out of her plane in Oakland were reportedly, “I’m tired.”

- At the movies, the Orpheum in Nelsonville played “One More River.”

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