From the March 29, 1925 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Athens Senior High School hosted an open house and dedication ceremony, which attracted thousands of community members. Former district superintendent Geoffrey F. Morgan recalled the dedication of the junior high school building in 1908. He spoke during his address about education. “Civilization is measured by man’s discovery of the truth,” Morgan said.

- Former mayor of Logan F. A. Hoppe was convicted of the embezzlement of $400.

- Amesville won the 1925 county debating league championship, beating out competitors from Albany and Coolville.

From the March 30, 1930 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- The Warren Odd Fellows gathered in Athens for the dedication of the Sereno Lodge on Washington Street.

- New York Central railroad system was expected to take over rail lines from the M. C. & C. Railway. This means trains could travel through Bishopville and Amesville.

- In sports, Ohio University’s Albert Morgan helped the Bobcats trounce Cincinnati overall in track and field. Morgan placed first in both the one-mile and two-mile. His time for the one-mile was four minutes and 43 seconds.

- In ads, Haylor’s, a shop that specialized in gifts and books, sold costume jewelry for as low as 50 cents per item.

From the March 31, 1935 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- The Orpheum in Nelsonville played “The Little Minister.”

From the March 31, 1940 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- In ads, Siemer’s in Nelsonville sold spare ribs for 9 cents per pound.

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