From the Jan. 25, 1925 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Headline: “Millions see sun’s eclipse turn day into night”; Southeastern Ohio was covered in darkness during a solar eclipse. “Over Athens near twilight fell,” the Messenger reported, “although the chickens did not go to roost as old residents say they did on the occasion of the last great sun eclipse about 60 years ago.”

- In sports news, Athens lost a game to rival Nelsonville, 24-13. Nelsonville players Campbell and Snowden (no first names included) threw in a collective 17 points for the Greyhounds.

- In ads, the Carpenter Hardware Store sold Carpo-O floor varnish, and the Athens Implement Company sold McCormick-Deering Chattanooga Chilled walking plows.

From the Jan. 26, 1930 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- A total of 15 men voiced their intent to run for Athens County Sheriff: Peter Barrows, Fred Heck, Howard Gilson, Charlie Wood, Cutler Burton, Frank Biddie, Garfield Grimes, John Brewer, Roy Goldsberry, Isaac Tucker, Charlie Maple, Harry Dalton, Edward Burdett, Harry Frost and George Tolliver.

- A loader for the Chauncey Mine No. 25 of the Manhattan Coal Company fractured his right thigh after being buried by a fall of slate.

- In sports, the Athens High School “B team” cagers edged Canaanville 29-28. Joseph (first name not included) threw in 11 points for Athens.

- In ads, the Pythian Theatre in Logan played “Sunny Side Up.”

From the Jan. 27, 1935 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- In sports, Athens won its fifth-straight game after downing the Nelsonville Greyhounds, 19-16. Dale Entwistle led with 7 points for Athens.

- In ads, Parker Brothers Music Company sold a used 8-tube Majestic cabinet model radio for $29.50.

From the Jan. 28, 1940 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Merill W. Cox patented a “beauty pencil” that fed nail polish remover “in the manner of a fountain pen.” It was set to come in an array of colors, and Southern Pen Company in Virginia would spearhead the manufacturing of the item.

- In advertising, Varsity Rose beauty salon (above Buckeye Cafeteria) promised “soft push-up waves with guaranteed ringlet ends” for $1.50.

- In sports, the Bulldogs swamped Logan by a 43-17 score. Elza Wood was high point man, scoring 13 points for Athens.

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