From the April 13, 1930 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Nearly 13,000 cattle in Athens County would be tested for bovine tuberculosis by that summer.

- A theater booth was the scene of a Nelsonville fire. An audience of mostly children watching a film in Pastime Theater witnessed a projection booth ignite in flames. The fire was reportedly caused by a new strip of film getting caught in the projection machine. The flames caused an estimated $3,000 worth of damage to the theater.

- Howard Gilson filed his paperwork to run for Athens County Sheriff. Gilson was then an automobile accessory salesman, but prior to that he served as a deputy sheriff and a city traffic officer.

From the April 14, 1940 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- Most of the front page of the Athens Messenger was dedicated to World War II coverage. President Roosevelt condemned Germany’s invasion of Denmark and Norway.

- Nelsonville mayor C. G. Dew issued a warning to dog owners in the city. After a spree of damage to property and lawns, the mayor launched a campaign to crack down on stray dogs. Nelsonville police were ordered to “corral” any loose dog they came across. In a matter of just a few days, 15 dogs were transported to the county’s dog pound.

- At the movies: the Majestic in Nelsonville played “The Grapes of Wrath.”

From the April 16, 1950 edition of the Athens Sunday Messenger:

- The fourth annual Southeastern Ohio Science Day at Ohio University was held. Students from across Ohio attended to give presentations about their science projects: these ranged from atom models to refracting telescopes.

- In sports, Ohio University fell to Western Michigan in its series opener, 14-4.

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