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Memory is selective; collective memory is historical fiction; our picture of the past is mythic. The good old days never were, but they inspire nostalgia, a form of neuralgia. It is a kind of sickness to remember what didn’t happen, to think that all the world experienced life the way you th…

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Since moving to Athens County, I’ve been slowly making my way through each of its villages and townships. On Thursday night I had the pleasure to take a scenic drive to Trimble High School in Glouster for the League of Women Voters of Athens County election forum.

Meteorologists have a terrible public image. They have to guess the weather with uncertain evidence and are therefore often wrong. Perhaps deliberately they predict the worse set of possibilities in order to give sufficient warning of mayhem. People are happy if such predictions are wrong bu…

Asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness in children, with more than 6 million children affected nationwide. And it is a particular challenge among Ohio children. About 250,000 children in the Buckeye State suffer from asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.