- The state of Ohio. Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton have been lauded around the world for the way they are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for taking it seriously and putting the safety of Ohioians first.

- Small businesses. We all know that times are hard right now for businesses of all sizes, but the small businesses in Athens County are fighting to weather this pandemic and we are grateful for them. To the ones who are still open, thank you for serving us during this difficult time. To the businesses who are closed, we hope it’s temporary, and we’ll be there to support you when you reopen.

- Easter. Easter may be different this year, but those who celebrate the holiday will be finding ways to celebrate this Sunday. Traditions are important, even if we have to adapt them to the current situation.


- In-person parties. We all miss seeing our friends and family, but parties can wait. Respect the stay-at-home order to help keep everyone healthy. Try having a video chat party until you can meet in-person again.

- Missing out. Many people are missing out on important milestones for family and friends. Birthdays, weddings, births, even funerals, they are all hard to miss. We look forward to the days of getting back to normal.

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