The Plains Library

A young child runs into the new children’s section of The Plains Public Library on Friday. The Athens County library system has undertaken “refresh” projects on several branches around the county.


- To the Mary Hill Center. Its first occupant, Hopewell Health Centers, opened a new primary care clinic at the former Doctors Hospital location. (See related story on our website.)

- To the news of The Plains’ library getting a makeover (see our story online). The county library system is a true asset to our area.

- To the new inductees to Trimble’s Athletic Hall of Fame: Paul Culver, Chuck Davis, Bruce Fouts, Jr., Allory Hooper and A.J. Jenkins.


- To the move-in sign jerks. Like a swarm of locusts, these Ohio University students descend upon Athens each August and display vulgar and embarrassing signs. It’s a wonder they ever got accepted to college.

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