- To Joe Burrow and the NFL Draft! Athens County is proud and excited for Joe Burrow. We can't wait to watch him play his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals. Congratulations Joe! 

- To the rain. We've seen lot of April showers this month. The result is the beautiful and lush flora and fauna popping up. We can't wait to see the May flowers.

- To high school seniors. It's not easy to be told that your senior year of high school is ending in cancellations. Seeing the students find ways to celebrate is wonderful, we congratulate and celebrate with you.


- To increased crime. Break-ins, especially vehicle break-ins are on the rise. Times are difficult right now but help is always available. 

- To boredom. We appreciate everyone's quarantine efforts, it's important. But sometimes boredom hits when you're at home. Time to look up some new hobbies.

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