- To Lieutenant Dan, the two-legged dog from New Richmond, OH who was chosen to be the new Cadbury Bunny. This heart warming Ohioan pup is exactly the kind of levity we need right now. 

- To community members donating supplies for healthcare workers. Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, masks and gowns are in short supply. Community members are donating their stock as well as making masks. Thank you for doing your part.

- To signs of spring and warmer weather. The blue skies and sun are giving us reasons to go outside and find joy in nature. The first of the cherry blossoms are peaking out and reminding us that better days are ahead. 


- To hoarders. Buying up all of the resources at a store, while leaving none behind for others is terribly selfish. Think of others first and only purchase what you need. 

- To going out needlessly. The stay-at-home orders were clear. Do not go out unless it is necessary. You may still go to the grocery store or pharmacy, but make those trips sparingly. You may also still go outside, but make sure you follow social distancing rules when you do. 

- To those not practicing social distancing. Leave space between you and others. It may feel silly, but it can – and will – save lives.  

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