- To mothers. Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all of the wonderful mothers of Athens County. We hope to take the day to relax and be celebrated by your loved ones.

- To OU faculty and staff. You organized a powerful demonstration on Wednesday. It's always great to see first amendment rights on display in a safe way during these uncertain times. 

- To Nurses. It's Nurses Appreciation Week and nurses are important now more than ever. You are risking your lives to help others. You have our respect and our thanks. 


- To mail box thefts. They are on the rise in Athens. Jeers to those who are committing these crimes. We hope it is put to a stop soon. 

- To feeling alone. Social distancing can take it's toll on your mental health. To those who feel lonely, don't lose hope. Call a friend our family member, reach out to others. It can make a world of difference. 

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