Kaitlin Thorne

Moving to a new area is much like starting a new relationship, and Athens and I just had our first date.

My relationship with Athens County started with a flirtation. I visited the area in December when my husband and I came down to visit the Messenger. I met the staff and took a tour of the community.

I spent less than 24 hours in the area, but the hills, town and the Athens Messenger, struck me enough to take the risk and accept the job.

In mid January my husband and I, along with our dog, left behind family, friends and surety for the unknown in Athens.

As we made the six and a half-hour drive from Northern Michigan I felt all the earmarkings of a first date – anticipation, concern and most of all excitement.

My first real impression of Athens County came in the form of Dynasty Restaurant on Richland Avenue. After a long and laborious day of hauling heavy boxes into our new home we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner.

Dynasty proved to be the perfect spot for a first date with Athens. The place was comfortable and offered an ample selection of dishes that allowed for exploration of new and exciting experiences.

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with our experience there. Where we lived at in Michigan was a block away from a beloved local Chinese restaurant. I was having a hard time letting go of my 25-year-long love affair with its steamed dumplings and egg drop soup.

I didn’t think I had room in my heart for a new Chinese restaurant. Dynasty proved me wrong.

Dynasty showed me that there is room in my heart – and stomach – for both, and that I can treasure the memories I had made, while moving on with my life and finding love anew.

I am now celebrating my new relationship with Athens for Valentine’s Day. I think my present will be a treat from Sweet Arts Bakery. Nothing says love like a baked good.

While I’m getting to know Athens I’m going to share my experiences with you. Look for my column each Friday to see how I’m settling into my new home. If you have any suggestions for where I should go, or what I should do, please let me know. You can email me at kthorne@athensmessenger.com.

As for Athens County, it’s still early days for us, but I think this could turn into a great love story.


The views and opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Athens Messenger.

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