Even without wanting to be a good neighbor to all people it’s nice not to wish them ill. But irritation at some speech and behavior arouses naughty thoughts in me sometimes. Maybe you feel the same way on occasion. It might be therapeutic for us to admit these malicious ideas.

These days, for example, I hope anti-vaccination people get sick with the COVID-19 virus. Trouble is that their children, other contacts, or they themselves might suffer or expire. Better that they see the error of their ways than die for them.

Similarly I wish terrorists would be wounded by their own guns and bombs before harming others. Death is too much punishment but suicide bombers have that as part of their strategy. Best if no one else is around when they kill themselves.

Orators of hate should find themselves hated, especially for the type of stupid identity some of them promote. Nice if white racists get painful retaliation from other white racists who mistake them for social liberals.

Crazy speeders on highways deserve accidents that harm them, as long as passengers and other vehicles are safe. Again, death is too cruel a punishment for thoughtless driving even though the threat is obvious.

Maybe it’s a shame these sad wishes don’t come true. People should not do bad things without suffering. I can dream that their evil will itself punish them but justice is not that neat.

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