Clue cast

The cast of Clue, from left to right: Taylor Harrington, Henry Welsh, Ezra Thobaben, Lee Carter, Meredith S. Jenson and Raven McClintock.

Who done it? We’re not telling. You’ll need to see the play to find out!

The sellout crowd at Arts West was treated to a hilarious stage presentation of the 1985 movie, Clue, this past Friday evening. The shows continue this coming weekend, Oct. 15-17, presented by Ohio Valley Summer Theatre

The troupe — consisting of local thespians — provided an energetic night of entertainment. At times, the pace was by design bordering on frenetic, which ensured that all patrons were on the edge of their seats. Director Dayton Willison choreographed the scenes to make the best possible use of the spaces within the theater. There were several “rooms”…which were really just corners of the theater, including spaces behind, beside and in the middle of the audience.

The cast…

Wadsworth, the butler, was played by Bob Hart, a recent addition to the local theater scene. To say he nailed it would be an understatement. Bob is a veteran of the stage, with years of experience in the Kansas City area. He perfected the “snobby butler” persona, and led the “investigation” like a pro.

Colonel Mustard, one of the “guests” at the ill-fated dinner, was played by Taylor Harrington. Like the others, Colonel Mustard had committed an “indiscretion” and was being blackmailed. They were all there to face the music, so to speak. All were given pseudo names of various colors.

Mrs. Peacock, another guest, was played by Lee Carter, and had taken bribes for her politician husband. She exemplified the role of an uppity politician’s wife and gets the award for the loudest and most-extended scream!

Professor Plum was played by Ezra Thobaben. One of the quieter participants, he played the role of the professor quite smartly, although his indiscretion was an inappropriate relationship with a patient.

Mrs. White, played by Meredith S. Jenson, pulled off the role of snooty socialite dressed in an all-black evening gown. Her sin was killing her husband.

Mr. Green was just a regular guy, who turned out to be something else entirely. Henry Welsh played the role adeptly.

Miss Scarlet, a lady of the evening, was played by Raven McClintock, an Ohio University graduate. Her slinky red outfit suited her persona to a T, and she pulled off the sultry role to perfection.

Yvette, the French Maid played by Leslie Gilfert, pulled off what must be the cutest little “maid strut” ever performed on high heels. Like the others, she has secrets.

Jessie Seese of Logan played the dual roles of Mr. Boddy and a stranded motorist who stumbled into the wacky scenario.

The roles of Cop and Chief of Police were played by Kit Parsons. Parsons is the Executive Director of Ohio Valley Summer Theater and stepped in on short notice for an ailing cast member.

As a team, the cast supplied chuckles and guffaws aplenty!

Go see who did it! You’ll be glad you did. Ticket prices are very affordable, starting at $10 and maxing out at $12, and all seats are great!

For tickets for this weekend’s performances, go to

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