A lot of life can happen when and as we get around to it. When we live alone there is no need to work with others, except perhaps delivery people. But common action requires interpersonal coordination.

Meetings for food consumption have to happen at one time unless it’s a cafeteria. Hosts and cooks need to know when eaters will be ready or food will not be hot or cold as necessary.

Armies and media practice action together and exact timing. Otherwise one has dead soldiers and dead air social life is less precise but still time sensitive. Modes of collective transportation also depend on predictable schedules.

In the modern world we have to learn to be on time. Watches, phones, and alert devices keep us aware of the 24 hours. It is nevertheless possible to ignore expectations and be late.

It’s sadly funny that the recent dead are sometimes called ”late,” as if they will never again be on time. But the casual person anticipates this by living without promptness or careful attention to schedules. Like ghosts they appear whenever they wish and we have to treat them or endure their tricks.

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