In every life a little rain must fall says one proverb. It seems to tell us to expect failures and upsets. But notice that rain is good if not too much at once or part of damaging storms. Life is thus predicted to include things we do not like, at the time or ever. But these may be necessary for growth and later success.

Obvious lesson here yet one that needs some reflection. We must learn as apparently negative events occur. This can be consolation for illnesses, work reverses, financial difficulties and depression. It reveals that some things inevitable in human life are needed despite being somewhat unpleasant.

Pain, sickness and death are as normal as birth, growth and health. An outlook constantly optimistic is unrealistic. Without warning, things can go wrong. Sometimes it’s tragic, yet life does not exist without it. Healthy minds know failure as well as success, and accept both.

Years of pandemic may be teaching us this kind of lesson. We must not give up hope in the face of illness and isolation storms. These things happen in all life and can be survived. Another proverb says that clouds have silver linings.

George Weckman

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