Gender differences are controversial. It is not easy to generalize because variations and defining features are so complex. Writing about these matters is dangerous and always conjectural. Nevertheless, I am shocked and appalled enough by what I have read that I want to speak out.

Violence in families is monopolized by men. From physical abuse to murder, crimes within households are done by husbands, fathers, and male partners. There is a potential for cruelty and rage in the male psyche that lashes out in intimate associations. Not all men display this family terrorism but almost no women do.

A recent book has terrible statistics. Worldwide over 150 women a day on average are murdered by a domestic partner. In the early 2000s three times as many women were killed at home than soldiers who died in Iran and Afghanistan. News media do not report things like this because they are not news – they are a regular part of human life.

The usual question: Is male violence against women genetic or learned? Probably both. Since we do not tinker much with social genes, we should work on the factors in human cultures and traditions that encourage boys to be aggressive. Addiction and poverty play a role as does availability of guns. Current lockdowns do not help troubled relationships.

Our collective tool for counteracting evil behavior is condemnation in as many ways as possible. Whenever men display resentment, anger, and sexual domination of women, they should be shamed and repudiated. The caveman must be domesticated.

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