It’s not only personal suicides that are more frequent today, the whole human world is killing itself. From climate change to nuclear explosion threats, from disease spread to air and water pollution, from suspicion of scientific evidence to political disinformation, the range of death oriented activity is immense. We collectively act as if want to die.

Some suicide is direct and obvious like a bullet to the head. Some deaths are slower via poisons or drugs. The most insidious self-destruction happens when life and truth are undermined by delusions of conquest and revenge. By fighting a presumed enemy we kill ourselves.

Fear of hidden evil and conspiracies seen everywhere feed alarm and rejection of beneficence. Help and precaution, regimens for safety and health, are tarnished with suspicion. Like suicide by cop, people can invite natural and social forces to harm themselves by ignoring or provoking deadly reactions.

Casual optimism is foolish – all life ends eventually. We had some joys in our brief time on earth. It’s time to recognize that the good old days are over. Now we must hunker down and prepare to say goodbye.

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