Editor, The Messenger,

In a recent letter to the editor on his thoughts on the presidential impeachment, the writer questions the grounds of impeachment pursuant to the ejusdem generis rule, which can be debated by scholars of the constitution who may differ from his opinion.

However, the House of Representatives have delivered an impeachment charge, and the process is now given to the Senate as to whether the President is guilty and should be removed from office. Unless the writer has already made up his own mind on the charges, he may however be denied his ability to judge fairly, as every legal mind and anyone for that matter, know that all fair trials must admit evidence and relevant witnesses. A fair trial in this case also dictates that senators take an oath of impartiality.

The writer also equates the actions of Nancy Pelosi in the House to President Trump’s dealings in Ukraine as an abuse of power. This is simply a ridiculous comparison. Apples and oranges as they say.

Finally, the writer makes reference to books by Peter Schweitzer which insinuate corruption by the Bidens. Whether or not there is any substantiation, it has no relevancy to whether or not Donald Trump has committed crimes or abused his powers. Remember we need a fair trial to determine that.

The writer’s points are overshadowed by his partisan animus.

Susan West

Athens, Ohio

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