Editor, The Messenger,

What has happened to liberals and to a lesser extent, even conservatives? What happen to Americans? Most importantly here locally in our communities, Athenians?! When did the overwhelming majority think that Big Pharma had our best interest in mind?

Well, up until the start of the Pandemic, basically never. Now people are cheering they are on “Team Pfizer”(Joy Reid, MSNBC). Pfizer, the same company that in September of 2009 that settled the largest health care fraud case in US history to the tune of $2.3 billion (US Dept. of Justice). Now the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine.

Now, if we had any journalists left, that are worth their salt, that aren’t already de-platformed or censored were doing their job, we would know that it was approved by the Biden administration’s appointed FDA Commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock at the helm. The same lady, who was the head of the FDA department responsible for approving new prescription opioids, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), which allowed Purdue Pharmaceutical to peddle their OxyContin and fuel the opioid crisis. Please have some discernment!

Instead of telling the public to take 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D, daily (Dr. Alison Caldwell, PhD, University of Chicago, March 2021), or that natural immunity is better than the vaccine (Shrestha, Burke, Nowacki, Terpeluk, Gordan 2021) or early prescription of Ivermectin (Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of Tokyo Medical Association, Feb. 2021), they tell us to take this vaccine, that was rolled out in “Warped Speed” by Big Pharma and the Trump administration. It was rolled out at “Warped Speed” for profit and I would arguably say control of our bodies, to tell us what they can put in it moving forward. The precedent is being set!

I beg Americans and more importantly my fellow Athenians; liberal, conservative or indifferent to come together and realize this is all about control and the multinational corporations that own this country and world to say “Hell No!” to further vaccine mandates, masks, and continued power grabs by our corporate control politicians and overlords.

Look up Operation Lockstep, Operation Dark Winter, and investigative journalist Whitney Webb at Unlimitedhangout.com

Joseph M. Goodspeed

Athens, Ohio

Editors Note: The use of the mentioned remedies in this letter are not supported by the majority of medical professionals for the treatment of COVID_19. Do not take any medication that is not prescribed by a doctor and check with our doctor first before taking any new medication.

Correction: Dr. Alison Caldwell, PhD was the author of a press release on the study mentioned in the letter. The actual study was conducted by Dr. David Meltzer, a physician at UChicago Medicine. The study can be found here.

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