Editor, The Messenger:

As Board Members of the Athens County Board of Elections, we want to thank everyone who worked so diligently to make sure, in the midst of a global Pandemic, that Athens County voters could safely and conveniently make their voices heard in this important election.

First, we want to thank all the poll workers who answered the call of public service. More than 300 of our residents got up on election day long before the sun rose and reported to 19 polling places across Athens County. donning masks and sanitizer as they spent 11 hours helping voters cast their ballots. This is far from an easy job, even without the threat posed by our county’s increasing COVID numbers — it requires hours of training, patience and incredible responsibility. Many of these poll workers were able to help because county offices graciously allowed their employees to work election day, and for that, we are grateful.

We also want to thank the staff of the Board of Elections who worked day after day, week after week, throughout the early vote process, often arriving at the office before 8 a.m. and leaving close to midnight. The elections staff showed their commitment to this county in so many ways, quarantining throughout the election cycle, knowing that a COVID outbreak in the office would cripple our election. They processed an historic number of absentee ballots and answered questions day and night from voters who had never voted absentee before.

Finally, we want to thank the voters of Athens County who participated in this election. Whether voting absentee or at a polling place, county voters did their civic duty with grace and commitment to our Democratic process. Thank you.

The Board Members of the Athens County Board of Elections — Kate McGucken, Aundrea Carpenter-Colvin, Gary Van Meter and John Haseley.

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