Editor, The Messenger,

Woody Hayes said “You win with People.” I have great people at the Prosecutor’s Office, and Zach is one of them.

Zach Saunders who runs the civil division is running to be Juvenile/Probate Judge. Zach has the experience necessary to excel as a Judge.

He is well-tempered, compassionate, thoughtful, and fair. These are qualities we deserve as Judge.

Zach was not just a wonderful hire for my office, he is also a friend and an asset for our community. He is on the Ohio Brew Week board and is involved in coaching his son.

Zach has prosecuted child abuse cases for my office and secured prison sentences for those responsible for hurting our youth.

A Vote for Zach, is a vote for a Judge who will be proactive at protecting our area youth and helping them succeed at life.

Keller Blackburn

Athens County Prosecutor

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