Editor, The Messenger,

Early voting is upon us and the second of Nov. will be here in the blink of an eye. Our choices here in the 15th District are stark. We have Allison Russo, a strong candidate with a track record committed to constituents, education, healthcare, and democracy. On the other hand we have Mike Carey, a career coal lobbyist.

Of all the federations, associations, leagues and unions in this state Carey has found only 1 endorsement, that of the disgraced NRA.

Carey has spent his energy and focused his commitments to a career in praise of coal. He does not even pretend to care about the people in our region.

In his LinkedIn bio he wrote “My passion truly lies in exploring and advocating for energy issues affecting the coal mining business at both the state and national levels.”

Well that could not be more clear and the last thing our district needs is a one issue rep. fighting for a heavily subsidized industry that is costing Ohioans millions of dollars a year in tax revenue.

In addition to the tax revenue that Carey fights to bring to corporate coal, his lobbying for Murray Energy should not be forgotten. Murray Energy contributed to Generation Now, the fund that supported Larry Householder in his illegal dealings of HB 6, the largest corruption scheme in Ohio’s history. We don’t need anyone associated with that mess voted into office where they can continue their career of ripping off tax payers.

The other positions I can find on Carey not related to coal are: his goal of eliminating The Affordable Care Act, which would take coverage away from many Ohioans in this district and remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, he bizarrely opposes the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill — a bill that would help rebuild roads, bridges, and highways and expand broadband access right here in our district!

Early voting is open. Nov. 2 is election day and for this Congressional District 15 Special Election our choice is super clear. Vote for Russo to represent the people of our region and let Carey keep his cushy lobbying job.

Ann Moneypenny


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