Editor, the Messenger,

In regards to the continual delay in getting the Rt. 50 W sewer project underway, what gives? After already spending $3.5 million on preliminary behind the scenes work we have nothing, but we sure can get those bike paths built.

If I recollect properly, it has been well over 20 years since the EPA expressed their concern over the failing septic systems in the area to be getting the sewer system. This is not only a health issue but also hampers any future development. 

Commissioner Adkins seems to be concerned about the $25 pre build fee, which I presume is per month, and the final monthly fee of $70 once in operation. Though I appreciate his concern for affordability, it is not going to get any cheaper, especially if the EPA finally steps in and madates it. My wife and I bought a lot in Tennessee several years ago for a future retirement home. It was and still is a vacant lot, but within a year of purchasing it we had to pay a $1,200 assessment to bring water and sewer lines to the street. We have also had to pay as part of our POA dues each year a free for sewer up-keep even though there is no house still on the lot.

County commissioners please come to an agreement. The Village of Albany got through this so those of us in the sewer project can too. Those of you who live in the project area may not know it, but you could run into some difficulty in trying to sell your house if your septic system is either too old and their is no record of it at the county health department but it still works or your septic system does not pass inspection. 

Commissioner Adkins, you have been against this project from the get go. You were not pleased that the City of Athens would be handling the sewage and therefore any future development along the Rt. 50 W corridor could be controlled by the city by limiting the capacity of sewage. Maybe you would prefer that the Albany sewer system should be the entity extending the service? Just a thought.

C. Alan Legg D.D.S. retired


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