Editor, The Messenger,

Trump’s latest message was not a forced concession. It was a carefully crafted message meant to move his agenda forward.

There is a long history of politicians and public figures making public statements that sound one way to the mainstream but, send clear signals to the fringe elements they are cultivating. The media needs to do a better job of picking it up and reporting it. There is no better example than the curious use of the word “infiltrate” in his latest statement to describe a mob of rioters forcing their way into the Capitol. To many, Trump’s statement sounded like he was finally admitting defeat and as has been reported, throwing his supporters “under the bus”. His supporters however are steeped in a different self-made reality so they hear the messages most do not.

Predictably, the right wing propaganda machine has started to churn out the lie that it was Antifa and not Trumpists who are responsible for the riot in the Capitol. They are claiming that Antifa INFILTRATED the crowd and it is these INFITRATERS and not the Trumpists that are responsible. This is laughable to most people, but for five years now we have seen the most ridiculous claims take hold and have real influence over hundreds of thousands of people. It is important that there are reporters that will help people understand the risk of this moment.

Trump is conceding nothing. His message yesterday was for two audiences and he deftly told both exactly what they needed to hear. He told the liberals, who want nothing more than a little decorum and for things to be normal, that he has no big plans for the next 12 days. To his violent mob, he signaled that the people who will be pursued and prosecuted will not be them but the INFILTRATERS, ANFIFA and alike.

Further, he told them the fight has just begun. And make no mistake he is NOT talking about four years from now. For further investigation, first, look for the meaning of the word infiltrate and secondly, talk to the many experts who have followed the rise of hate groups and the politicians who stoke them. They can talk about this kind of double messaging used over the years.

Thank you

Jeff Lyons

Athens Ohio

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