Editor, The Messenger,

Confederate soldiers couldn’t get passed Ft. Stevens, which was part of the Union defense of the District of Columbia and about six miles from the Capitol. Last week, a crowd of cowardly bums under the guise of taking back “our house” carried the Rebel flag through the halls of the United States Capitol.

They ceased to be among those who can claim it as “our house” by breaking the law, disregarding the rights of others who were threatened, yelling vile epithets and trashing the building. They were either in front of, following or beside the Rebel flag, which, sadly, is legal to fly in most places. Yet, flying it in the halls of Congress is surely an act of treason.

Most soldiers fighting for the Confederacy did not own slaves and it is likely many were caught up in a fight initiated by the wealthy class to protect their property rights over humans. I was in a similar situation during the Vietnam War. Forced to go into battle because of irresponsible leaders. But those from the South who pushed and supported the Civil War – wealthy or not – were terrorists and traitors. There are too many Americans in denial of that reality. The Rebel flag earned additional disrespect after the war when it appeared at most lynchings during the Jim Crow era as many photos depict. It represents treason and murder.

Edward Safranek

New Marshfield

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