Editor, The Messenger,

During the economic downfall that has coincided with COVID-19, southeast Ohio has reconciled in order to provide for their community that has been directly affected by the pandemic. While encouraging the act of giving back to the community, Representative Steve Stivers has been accompanying the efforts on twitter with the hashtag #EveryEffortMatters. It is immensely encouraging to live in a community where people want to give back so effortlessly to their neighbors and friends during these uncertain times.

As an affiliate of The Borgen Project, I want to take the time to publicly raise awareness for developing countries outside of the United States that are also directly affected from the pandemic. The world’s poor are the most heavily affected during distress such as COVID-19, and the continuous cuts that the government makes to the International Affairs Budget will not allow these developing countries prosper, thus creating threats to our economy and national security. We as members of the United States should care for those neighbors as well, those living on less than $1.90 per day.

If you as a constituent of the Athens community would like to learn more about to how invest in The Borgen Project in order to provide economic and national security benefits such as supporting the Global Health Security Act, visit www.borgenproject.org to make a lasting impact.

Rachel Calvis


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