Editor, The Messenger,

I am pleased to see that the OU Trustees have acted promptly to replace outgoing President Nellis with an in-house, if transitional, faculty person.

I’ve never met Dr. Hugh Sherman, but since he started his academic career at the University of Guelph, Ontario (near my home town of Hamilton), he must have the skills to guide the university through the next two years while the Trustees once again undertake a nationwide search for a leader with no knowledge of Ohio University prior to reading the “Wanna come?” announcement in the “Journal of Upward-bound Administrators Looking to Enhance their Resumés.”

It is actually a bit discouraging to realize that the university has not hired any faculty worthy of leading the university on a permanent basis. Oh yes, deanships are ok, maybe even a provostship, but the presidency would apparently be too incestuous.

My only reservations about Dr. Sherman—and this is due not to him but to the university propaganda machine that seems to have an extremely limited vocabulary: In the (short) article describing the appointment, I count eight occurrences of “strategic” or “Strategy”. That cliché didn’t work with the previous leadership; perhaps the incoming administration can speak down-to-earth English. At least ”transformative” was not mentioned, so let’s count that as progress.

Good luck, Professor Sherman!

Barry Thomas


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