Editor, The Messenger,

On November 2nd, I will be voting for Allison Russo in the race for Congressperson for Ohio U.S. House District 15. Allison Russo is running against Mike Carey, whose stated passion is to advocate for the coal industry. Russo’s passion is advocating for Ohioans. Carey helped Murray Energy’s campaign to rollback Ohio’s renewable energy initiatives, putting Ohio dead last among the 50 states in the race for the clean energy economy.

Allison Russo will work to put Ohio at the forefront of the clean energy economy that will create the lasting, good-paying jobs we need to revitalize our rural communities. Among others, Russo is endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business-Ohio, Innovation Ohio, the League of Women Voters, the League of Conservation Voters, the Ohio Environmental Council, the AFL-CIO, and 314 Action. She is the kind of visionary, practical, effective leader Ohio needs to protect our climate and build our economy.

We cannot afford to elect another climate-change denying Republican who cares more about the fortunes of the coal industry than the health and fortunes of Ohio residents. We need a leader like Allison Russo who will advocate for climate-friendly, renewable sources of energy. We need a leader who will protect our air, water, and natural resources as well as Ohio’s many popular parks, rivers and lakes. If you care about climate change, a sustainable economy, and a clean environment, the choice is clear. Vote for Allison Russo on November 2nd. Your vote matters and the choice is clear.

Nancy Manring


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