Editor, The Messenger,

In the Democratic primary on March 17 voters have a chance to keep a very hard-working public servant in office. I am writing this letter in support of keeping Ric Wasserman as our Athens County Treasurer.

I have been impressed with him from the beginning. Ric Wasserman has been a different kind of County Treasurer. For one thing he is visible in the community. He has been involved in our township working with community leaders to help plan the future while addressing the problems of the present. As one of our local people said to me, “He really cares.”

His leadership in getting the Land Bank off the ground to help eliminate the blight in the county has been particularly impressive. This is a slow and steady process that takes a lot of work, patience, dedication and good communication.

Ric communicates and collaborates well, and he has a great ability to get things done. Let’s keep him in office on primary day.

Kathy Trace


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